Who I Work With

Involvement in the recovery community led me to become a social worker. That was only the beginning of my journey. I have also been close to a variety of other non-mainstream and sometimes at-risk populations. We humans contain multitudes, and exist on many spectra: monogamous to polyamorous, heterosexual to pansexual to any number of other sexual orientations encompassed by the LGBTQIA+ communities, vanilla to kinky, cisgender to nonbinary or transgender, all with complexities that make us the unique beings we have been, are, and become. I come from a place of sex positivity, and believe that the tools and strength-based approaches I internalize and share can be applicable no matter what one’s identity.

Tony May LCSW CADC: Therapist, Advisor, & Ally

Contact Tony May, LCSW

Phone: 773-330-2135
Email: tonymaycadc@yahoo.com

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