My Approach

As your therapist, I see myself as an advisor and an ally. Drawing on a variety of tools, we will collaborate on a treatment plan that fits your needs, goals, and values. My goal is to find more rational, appropriate, and effective responses to the challenges present in everyone’s lives.

Brief interventions: Finding short-term solutions

In the short term, it’s important to find solutions and cognitive insights to keep you safe and functioning at your best. For some people, a single meeting can provide the tools needed to get through a crisis. Other people can benefit from multiple sessions at specific intervals. Sometimes these sessions can include family, partners, or other people who are involved in your life.

Continuing therapy:
Changing the narrative, changing your life

  • Narrative work and cognitive insights. As therapy continues, we may look for insight into how past experiences have influenced your present. This work can help you see events and situations in your life more clearly.
  • Cognitive and behavioral strategies. Cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) offer practical tools to help you take control of your life by changing your behavior or challenging beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Support for recovery. There are many paths to an authentic life not fettered by addiction, and many evidence-based approaches and tools available. I favor a client-centered, eclectic approach to dealing with substance use and behavioral addictions. I have been a SMART Recovery® face-to-face meeting facilitator since 2009, and have found SMART to be an excellent resource for myself and my clients.
Tony May LCSW CADC: Therapist, Advisor, & Ally

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